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 Dear Clients, Friends & Hopeful Wine Enthusiasts,

We want to kick off the warmer weather with a bang. We want to share some excitement with you, get the [grape] juices flowing and connect with you in a deep and meaningful way.

We want to invite you to our first ever – say this next bit in your best Oprah voice – “WINE POOOOOL!”

That’s right, the folks at The Loewen Group, The Tregunno Team of Youngs Insurance Brokers and Alun Evans from Royal LePage Real Estate are teaming up to put together an exciting wine pool. The concept is simple – you submit a bottle of wine to your good friends here, and you have a shot at taking home 10, 25 or even 100 bottles of delicious red & white nectar of the gods – just for being you. (Also, by not having your name drawn out and eliminated)

If you are interested in participating in this year’s pool here are your next steps:
• We suggest you organize a team of 4 to 6 people, but not required.
• Each participant is responsible for purchasing a bottle of wine with a value of $30 or more, $29.95 is fine. See below for easy ordering.
• Pick one team captain who will be responsible for providing me with the names and emails of each team member. (Please use the template below to help make our lives & organization a bit easier)
• Team submission deadline is May 31st 2016
• Names will be pulled daily with a goal of finishing the pool by the end of June 17th 2016.
• Teams can chose to split the wine evenly amongst all team members if one of their members wins, or they can do a “winner takes all” approach where the winner keeps it all. Each team can decide individually (We are not responsible for the rebel team mates who strike out on their own.)
• There will be an independent auditor present during all draws to make sure everything is on the up-and-up, and also so I can pass the blame to them.
• Team captains will be responsible for bringing in their team’s wine prior to May 31st. If all of your team’s wine is in by May 23rd your team will be entered into the early bird draw.

If you know of other interested parties feel free to forward this message on. Please use your discretion in doing so and avoid sending mass emails.
If you would like to be removed from this list please let me know.
I will send out an email with the final pool format and prize information once the numbers are confirmed.

Once you’ve submitted your details and expressed your interest, then the fun begins – picking your wine! 


We’ve partnered with My Wine Canada, who represent over 90 wineries from across Canada, to run the program on our behalf (and to show you that we’re not cheaters!) After all, we want to play too! My Wine Canada will make this easy for all of us. Once have collected team names and email addresses we will pass them on & they will communicate with us all to let us know who has won our daily draws and which team members and potentially whole teams have been eliminated. Yes! The real fun – watching others names come out of the running for that precious nectar!

Please check out to select a great bottle of wine and have it shipped directly to this address:

*Please let us know when you place an order or indicate on your order your team name so we can easily track who has sent in their wine – Please let know she can expect your delivery!

Loewen Group
5044 Fairview St,
Burlington, ON L7L 0B4

Please remember to send us your team name and email addresses so we can keep you posted on the daily draws!

If you wish to use a bottle of wine ($30+) that you already own or would like to purchase a new bottle from the LCBO, please coordinate its delivery with James, Alun or Greg or drop off at Loewen Group between Monday to Friday 9-5.

Here is how the draw will work (for you particular types…)

Assuming we have say 60 teams of 5 or 300 participants:
We have 300 bottles of wine! The draws will take place over a 10 day/2 work-week period.
Early bird draw – get your wines in before the May 23rd deadline – have a chance to win 25 bottles and not have your name removed!
Each day one name will be drawn and win 10 bottles, but will also be eliminated. Keep the 10 yourself or share with your team… hmmm.
The last Friday of the draw: 3rd place 25 bottles, 2nd place 50 bottles, 1st place 100 Bottles of wine!

Well, that about sums it up. If you’re interested, tell your friends, your family, pick your team name and get back to us by MAY 31st! For the love of Grapes please ensure everyone on your team is of legal drinking age.


When you are ready to participate send

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Names of team members Email

From Loewen, Evans & Tregunno – Good luck & LET us bring you home…A LOT OF WINE!

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